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Pikeman - November 4, 2015, 12:06 pm
This are tyrannical fantasies of a madman and the views of the person in control of science policy in the United States.

I'M NOT BOUND BY THE CONSTITUTION - I define recess. I don't need congress. I don't need the American people.

Obama's latest appointee as "National Good Humor Czar" -

Ebola Czar -

Regulatory Czar -

MORE CZARS THAN RUSSIA! - I did not know we had this much blue blood royalty here in the states!

NEW CZAR APPOINTED - this appointment made right after the vacation beach fecal matter czar appointment!

OBAMA APPOINTS CARP CZAR - Obama said all i had to do, was to turn them in gold?

IVAN THE TERRIBLE - That alleged atheist Stalin learned everything from an ardent religious nut.

State Dept. Was Not Aware That New Transparency Czar Donated to Hillary -

Mad Scientist -

remember when they were news reporters? -